Amsterdam, summer 2017 

Amsterdam, summer 2017 

Ever since I was introduced to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction during my time at Indiana University I've been fascinated by sexology. My role as a journalist/writer/content creator/whatever y'all are calling it these days is to spark conversations about human sexuality through science based evidence and real narratives. Like Alfred Kinsey, my goal is to normalize what society deems abnormal through frank discussions on any platform. 

IMO (and Kylie Jenner's), when Snapchat died, Instagram became the reigning queen of social media. I believe the platform has endless opportunities for brands ($$) but only if they can cultivate an unwavering fan base. One of my biggest strengths is identifying what makes a brand desirable and how to connect with its audience. Anyone can curate photos and repost viral Tweets, but original and innovative content is what will launch your brand like a rocket ship. 

Wanna talk about sex or social media strategy? Shoot me a message! 

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